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Baoding Senxing International Trade Co., Ltd

cultivated in new housing application development field, our profession team can provide the service of design, research, innovation, project-plan, cost control, damage control, construction management, comprehensive project management and the after-sales service, all technical reinforcement to partner construction team. we have the first-class production and processing base of construction material in Asia, the production capacity of the Geotextile (SBS) is on the first rank around the world.

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  • Aseismatic Steel Structure House
    Aseismatic Steel Structure House

    Aseismatic steel structure house Key words one, the "seismic response" of...

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  • The advantages of container house
    The advantages of container house

    Container packing room The advantages of container packing house 1. Convenient transportation...

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  • New partition wall panel features
    New partition wall panel features

    Lightweight partition board Environmental protection The use of raw materials does not contain...

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  • The history of passive houses
    The history of passive houses

    Passive house 1 passive houses are not only suitable for residential buildings, but also for...

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  • Prefab Concrete House
    Prefab Concrete House

    The concrete prefabricated house is a new type of building which has arisen in recent years. It...

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  • Box House
    Box House

    Trend: the modular and integrated construction of buildings is the general trend, and the...

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  • Modular Prefabricated Container House
    Modular Prefabricated Container House

    Container house as a new type of modular building,The structure of container house is...

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  • Steel structure house
    Steel structure house

    Integrated Energy-Saving Building System The integrated energy-saving building system with light...

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