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Baoding Senxing International Trade Co.,Ltd

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Baoding Senxing International Trade Co.,Ltd


Baoding Senxing International Trade Co., Ltd., It committed to the development of new housing, promotion and application of enterprise, has a complete new building integrated industrial chain, is a scale construction ability and years of experience in new housing company.

The company develops the steel structure ASA plate Mosaic type new type of prefabricated housing, which has good characteristics such as fire prevention, earthquake resistance, energy saving, environmental protection, short construction period and long service life.


Company research and development of package box house, simple structure, safety, low requirements for foundation, with convenient installation fast, move relocation convenience, more turnover, long life and other characteristics of products disassembling no loss, no construction waste, mainly used in office, accommodation, restaurant, sanitary ware, entertainment and other places, and form a bigger space to use.


(interviewed in Zona Franca de Iquique)


(New generation material Construction in Iquique, Chile )

The company can provide comprehensive services such as overall planning, design, cost control, technical guidance and so on.

In addition, the company has established permanent offices in Chile and Bolivia, and has established exhibition halls, warehousing and other related service platforms.


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