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Advantages of light steel housing system

- Jan 13, 2018 -

Steel structure housing villa design type.

1. The house is light in weight and requires corresponding reduction in the bearing capacity of the foundation, which can reduce the foundation cost, which is the comparison between the comprehensive cost of housing and the traditional structure.

2. Short construction period can speed up the construction process of housing, quicken the return of funds, reduce risks and improve the efficiency of capital investment;

Homework 3. Environmental protection, construction site civilization degree is high, the construction of the environment by pollution is small, also can avoid the problems often occurred in recent years building pollution (mainly refers to the winter construction use antifreeze pollution), building steel structure part can be 100% recovery, most other supporting materials can be recycled, conforms to the social value trend for the sustainable development of green building;

4. Excellent anti-seismic performance, resistant to earthquakes of more than 8 degrees, suitable for the construction of coastal and multi-earthquake areas;

5. The wall thickness is small, the line can be dark buried in the wall and floor structure, building interior actually use the wheel to increase the area is large, increase by at least 15% than traditional masonry structure house, if the same construction area of brick structure and light steel structure housing, it is not difficult to find the actual usable floor area of light steel structure housing and the cost of single brick structure of the cost of the same;

6. All the components used in light steel houses are standardized and produced by the factory, which is stable in quality and conducive to the industrialization of housing.

7. All the construction work is done on site. All the components are connected with high strength galvanized screws, which are not affected by the season;

8. The structural system and supporting materials used in the house make the light steel house more than double the traditional structural housing in the performance of sound insulation and insulation.

9. Simple construction, lower labor cost and convenient replacement and maintenance of building components.

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