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Advantages of light steel structure

- Mar 15, 2018 -

Advantages of light steel structure

1) high efficiency light thin wall profile, light weight, high strength and small occupation area.

2) the components are all automatic, continuous and high-precision production, and the product specifications are serialized, customized and equipped. Each part is accurate in size.

3) structural design, detailed drawing design, computer simulation installation, factory manufacturing, site installation, etc. are carried out in parallel with small time difference.

4) the basic dry method is not wet, and the interior decoration is easy to be put in place once. After galvanizing and coating, the profile is beautiful and anticorrosive, which helps to reduce the cost of enclosure and decoration.

5) it is easy to enlarge the column distance and provide more space for separation, which can reduce the height and increase the building area (the usable floor area can reach 92%). The advantages of adding layer, reforming and strengthening are obvious.

6) the new wall material is widely used, and it is widely used in lighting and ventilation.

7) all indoor plumbing and plumbing are concealed in the walls and floors, with flexible layout and convenient modification.

8) the house can be relocated, the materials can be recycled completely, and it will not cause garbage, which is in line with the sustainable development strategy.

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