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Advantages and disadvantages of mineral wool board

- Dec 02, 2017 -

Advantages of the mineral wool absorbing board

The advantage of the mineral wool absorbing board is as the "sound absorption" in its name, the sound absorption effect is particularly good. On top of that, it has little fire resistance. This kind of slab quality is lighter, it is a kind of efficient and energy-saving building material. The use of it is not heavy, it's nice. It is worth mentioning that the flame retardancy of the mineral wool absorbent is particularly good, as the main raw material of the mineral wool board is the mineral wool, which is high in melting point, at 1300 degrees centigrade. So, this board has good fire resistance.

Disadvantages of mineral wool absorbing board

The surface of the mineral wool board is white. After using the ceiling, the influence of other volatile solvents is easy to turn yellow. That's not good. Another problem is that the strength of the mineral wool board is not very good, and it can be easily damaged if it is not carefully extracted in hoisting. Also remind everybody is, mineral wool board because of spray craft good and bad, must control colour when buying, buy the true mineral wool board.


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