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Apvc Anti-Corrosive Roof Tile

- Oct 12, 2017 -

   The product is made of ultra weather proof and modified PVC resin, using four layer co-extrusion technology for one-off processing. Its heat insulation capacity is much improved comparing with two layer co-extrusion tile.

Features of the product
Excellent corrosion resistance
In the salt, alkali and following a 24-hour soaking in 60% acid, no chemical reaction and no fading. Very suitable for acid rain-prone areas, corrosive workshop and coastal area use, the effect was particularly significant. (notes: soaking bad quality PVC roofing tile in 60% acid , the color would fade severely. )
Excellent weathering performance
Ultra-weather proof surface to ensure the durability of products , the thickness of surface layer ≥0. 2mm
Sound insulation
The tests prove that: in suffering heavy rain, high winds the impact of outside noise, it has a good absorption of the noise effect, noise down 30dB than color steel tile.
through the national fire authority of the department according to GB8624-2006 standards for testing, fire safety performance ≥ B grade.
Excellent thermal insulation
Its thermal conductivity coefficient is 0.325w/mk, clay tile is about 1 / 310, cement tile 1 / 5, 0.5mm thick color steel tile 1 / 2000. Its heat insulation capacity is much improved comparing with two layer coextrusion
Impact resistance and cold resistance
Good impact resistant capacity, the test proves the falling of 1kg steel ball from 3 meters high can not make
it crack, it also has good impact resistant performance in cold environment.

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