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Attention to construction of metal hanging board

- Nov 10, 2017 -

1. Be careful when handling and loading and unloading products, as well as in logistics transport, avoid collision damage plates.

2. The environment of the plate shall be ventilated and dry, the site must be flat and firm; The square wood cushion should not be too large to ensure that the product does not cause deformation due to its own gravity

3. The metal plate used in cutting of carve patterns or designs on woodwork, attach to cut iron plate surface and the slit, easy to rust, carefully will clear out the remaining iron filings, clear with protective gloves, avoid scratch the hand.

4. Pay attention to the protection of the board during construction, avoid scratching, impact, and tool touching plate

5. Avoid construction work during rain: in the process of construction, prevent the plate from contacting with water, so as to prevent internal water from corroding rust from the surface and shorten its service life

6. The slabs of surface that are caused during construction shall be cleaned with medium detergents, so as to avoid the use of banana water for damage to the plate surface paint

7. When scratch marks appear on the surface of the plate, apply special coating to repair and use the correct color to prevent the color difference

8. Do not use the power items such as power supplies near the plate to avoid the danger of electric shock.

9. Use the manufacturer's special accessories link.

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