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Ceramic tile maintenance method

- Oct 19, 2017 -

1. Remove the stain from the polishing brick

Although the polishing brick is not easy to deposit dust, it is easier to clean. But the use time is long, the fine pore of polishing brick surface is exposed outside, also can suck dirt, make the polishing brick is difficult to clean, the surface loses luster, become old. Therefore, we should treat the wax treatment regularly for 2-3 months.

2. The archaize brick follows the texture to clean

Archaize brick, the surface has concave and convex grain, in pursuit of log lifelike effect, clean up along the grain can. If have tea water or other daily life supplies adhere to ceramic tile surface, can use household dishwashing essence and clean water along the grain to clean, can make ceramic tile more luster.

3. Clean the seam of glaze brick

The cleaning of glazed brick is relatively simple, but ceramic tile juncture is very easy to hide dirt. Use the toothbrush to dip a little to remove the dirt, then use the brush with the brush to prevent the water, so that not only can prevent the water, but also can prevent the mold to grow.




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