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Change of window glass of model steel

- Jan 19, 2018 -

1, the first is to the sealing strip to tear down the window, because glass and window frame connection place will connect sealing strip, to remove the glass down, so it is the first seal to dismantle, such ability will glass to tear open come down to more conveniently.

2, put down to the window of the flat ground or professional work station above doors and Windows processing, are in the same way as the first step, sealing strip to tear open come down to first, and then, step by step in the screw to loose, wear the glass professional gloves to remove.

3, after the glass down, must be put in a safe place, because the glass is fragile, if accidentally touch broken it is easy to cause scratch didn't particularly have a kid, child aware of danger.

4, according to the size of the window for new glass cutting, cutting according to the size of the window, big or small will result in through the window glass loading box, so can produce waste, and at the time of cut glass to pay attention to safety, don't put the glass cutting broken, don't let the glass scratch.

5. Install the new sealing strip in the window frame, then install the cut glass, and then seal the glass with the special seal of the glass in the joint of the glass and the window.

6. After everything is ready, you can put the glass back in the original place.

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