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Colorful and Long Color Lasting UPVC Roof Tile

- Jan 25, 2018 -

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: upvc roof

  • Type: Plain Roof Tiles

  • Size: Width:1130mm Lenth Customized

  • Customized: Customized

  • Wave Height: Trapezoidal Wave:27mm;Wave Shape:16cm

  • Application: Workshops, Warehouse, Pavilions, Factory Building

  • Material: Modified PVC

  • Shape: T-Shape/Corrugated

  • Color: Purplish Red, Bluish Grey, Darl Green, Blue

  • Wave Spacing: Trapezoidal Wave:210mm;Wave Shape:63cm

  • Specification: thickness: 1.0-3.0mm

Product Description

Colorful and long color lasting upvc roof tile

Product description

The Anti-Corrosion PVC Roof Sheet is developed based on international advanced technologies. It is an especially designed roofing material for corrosive substance manufacturing factories and areas with frequent acid rain.

 First layer: It is a kind of resin with superior weather resistance. Due to its resistance to UV radiation and chemical corrosion, this material provides our APVC roofing sheet with great durability.

 Second layer: Good quality modified PVC materials with high toughness is adopted toensure the strength while without compromising on the rigidity. With good heat and sound insulation.

Raw materials: Modified PVC.
Technology: This product is made from modified PVC.

Advantages: cost
2. Loading bearing: It can load 150 kg per square meter evenly; 
3. Light weight: 5-6.0kg/square meter; 
4. Water resistance: 100%; 
5. Fire resistance: Self-extinguish off fire; 
6. Anti corrosion; 
7. Impact resistance and low temperature resistance; 
8. Sound and heat insulation; 
9. Small Thermal expansivity; 
10. Environmental protection and energy conservation; 
11. Easy to install

Weight1.9±1kg/m22.8±0.1kg/m23.4±0.1kg/m23.8±0.1kg/m24.8±0.1kg/m2 5.8±0.1kg/m2
Length 5800mm , 11800mm or customized
Overall width930mm1120mmVaries with the profile type
Effective width840mm1060mmVaries with the profile type
Purlin spacing700~900mm
Container Load capacityThicknessSQ.M./20 FCL (21 Tons)SQ.M./20 FCL (26 Tons)
1.0mm11000 m213600 m2
1.5mm7200 m29000 m2
1.8mm6100 m27600 m2
2.0mm      5500 m2      6800 m2
2.5mm4300 m25400 m2
3.0mm3600 m24500 m2


Color &Size are customized

Product pictures

Aplication:widely used for residential house,villa, workshop, warehouse, building lighting, greenhouse, sound-insulation walls and advertising boxes etc.We are the authorized supplier of roofing tiles for many government big projects in China,as well as Mid-East,South America etc.

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