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Construction method of wall brick

- Feb 08, 2018 -

1. Process flow: basic treatment -- look for rules -- grassroots plaster, bullet line, brick, paste, paste.

2, concrete substrate first smoothed out the concrete chisel of metope, cleaned and washed, such as smooth surface should be performed in advance to cut hair, brick wall at the grass-roots level should be good foot hand-eye, remove residual waste from the walls and brick seam mortar, pumice and dust, and the basal full moisture, then find rules, ash cake screed, ash cake spacing of 1.2 ~ 1.5 m a, then use vertical screed with 1:3 cement mortar, as the foundation the thickness of the plaster. Grassroots plasterer generally is 15 mm thick, wipe with 1:3 cement mortar points 2 times, first time 6 ~ 7 mm, compaction, iron float shall be used to dry can be carried out immediately after the second time rendering should press screed wipe up, use on feet, leveling dips complement, and then rubbing hair in wood float, pay attention to maintenance after final set.

3, platoon brick play line: according to the calculation of vertical and horizontal skin paste area, horizontal line based on indoor construction standard horizontal line, every 5 ~ 10 skin elastic, vertical line according to the horizontal line of party, play a, at intervals of about 1 m and pre-allocated good coping, Yin and Yang triangle fittings such as location, size, and then points row number, walkthrough, using the straight-line method. Before stickup ceramic tile in 2 h of immersion in water purification, until not a generic blisters, dry or wipe the spare, according to ceramic tile and the bonding layer thickness and metope play line, at both ends of Yin or Yang at the edge Angle and long wall at intervals of about 2 m to the vertical line of ceramic tile, and straight line board find rely on a flat, as a standard of ceramic tile paste vertical and flat, and the mouth level nail a batten, make the skin ceramic tile on the wood.

4, paste, mortar is 1:1 cement mortar, commonly with wearing grey method: paste, first on both ends of the skin under control ceramic tile fluently appearance hanging line, and then in a corner of the ceramic tile on the back with 3 ~ 4 mm thick mortar, alignment, horizontal hanging line, spring line, from the bottom up to paste. Use steel to float the wooden handle to tap, make the surface of ceramic tile surface smooth, the bond is firm. When pasting, should be used to check the flat square straight, if the paste is not solid or ash should be taken down.

5. After finishing the ceramic tiles, wipe the surface clean, then apply the same color cement paste with the brush, and then apply the cloth to the paste and wipe clean.

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