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Construction and use of metal insulated panel

- Oct 20, 2017 -

Construction and use of metal insulated panel

Sheet construction: metal exterior layer + insulation layer + bottom lining

Exterior veneer: high quality color coated steel plate, printed steel plate, aluminum magnesium manganese alloy plate, etc

Insulation layer: high quality water-repellent rock wool and glass wool.

Bottom line: color coated steel plate

Application field

It is applicable to external wall insulation of public buildings and civil buildings.

The noil is suitable for energy saving and renovation of existing buildings.

The energy - saving containment system of the noil frame structure.

A wide variety of substrates, color, surface structure and coating, make it has great flexibility and optional sex, can satisfy all kinds of buildings on the material color, shape, quality, performance and so on various aspects of the strict requirements. From schools and residences to commercial buildings, from villas to high-rise residential buildings.

Product parameters

Color: a variety of colors to choose from.

Size: 3800mm(L) * 380mm (W) *16mm(T)  (length can be customized).

Decorative panel material:  Galvanized Steel

Polyurethane core material: fire rating A2B1B2



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