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Container houses advantage

- Oct 21, 2017 -

Large-scale production line - unit part of container house are all produced on the assembly line in the factory, standardized size\ strict quality control\

high-efficiency production, realized the large-scale production and cost control.

        The structure strength will be check through the professional test bench, so the structure is safe and reliable, the seismic grade is 8, anti-wind grade is 12, service life is  more than 20 years. Relative the usual product, the container are more antiseismic\ anti pressure\ thermal insulation\ sound insulation\ fireproofing\ waterproof\ snow resistant\ wind resistant etc. According to the requirement between different regions different fields and different purposes, the container house will be designed into permanent or semi permanent  construction.

      Container houses have good overall performance, easy to move, well adapted to lost of modernization transport way,  such as road transport\ railway transport\ ship transport. Move   the container and accessories as a whole without disassemble, no loss, available stock, multiple uses, fast and low cost, residual value high.

      Adopt to “factory manufacturing + on-site installation” mode, so that the project can reduce about 60% of construction water consumption and the concrete loss, and reduce about 70% of the construction and decoration waste, energy saving about 50%, the overall production efficiency increased by about 2-3 times. And the space between the different building  will be used for afforest\ covering sod grass or to the ornamental plants\ potting etc, for the reasonable using, it will be save more land.

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