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Corrosion treatment of steel structure

- Jan 14, 2018 -

1. Paint preservation

(1) the antisepsis principle will dissolve the pure zinc powder into the solvent, auxiliary agent and film forming material to form a rich zinc primer, which will be painted onto the anti-corrosion workpiece, and the film will be solidified on the surface of the workpiece by means of the film forming material. On the one hand, it insulates the corrupting agent.

The steel is anticorrosive effect, on the other hand, zinc paint has cathodic protection.

(2) the paint coating performance although the anode sex coating zinc rich paint, but because of its membrane material for organic compounds, with extended time, the environment, organic matter, after all, to aging, pulverization and failure, which can lead to zinc

Oxidation and shedding of powder particles; On the other hand, due to the smooth surface of the substrate after the pickling and passivation, the adhesion of the rich zinc paint is reduced, which is difficult to obtain the actual anti-corrosion effect.

2. Hot dip galvanizing

(1) the corrosion principle of hot dip galvanizing will stay immersion plating workpiece are melt metal zinc plating process in the tank, which formed in the surface of pure zinc coating and zinc alloying coating on the surface of the time, to achieve the protection of steel.

(2) the properties of hot dip galvanizing layer are more compact, which can effectively hinder the infiltration matrix of the corrosive medium and realize the cathodic protection of steel. The coating of hot dip zinc is thinner, generally only 30-50um, and some larger workpieces can reach 85um. Even if the plating time is prolonged, the thickness of zn layer is not increased, and the coating is not uniform, and the thickness is not easy to control. The adhesion of the coating is slightly better than that of rich zinc. In addition, the adhesion of hot dip zinc coating is directly affected by the worksheet.

Effect of surface pretreatment quality; The corrosion protection life of single hot dip zinc coating is longer than that of rich zinc paint, which is mainly due to the thickness of the coating.

3. Arc spraying anti-corrosion.

(1) the corrosion principle of arc spraying is the use of special spraying equipment, spray wire in low voltage large current under the action of melt, the compressed air blowing to advance slinging is formed on the metal component derusting arc spraying zinc,

The aluminum coating is sprayed with anticorrosive coating to form a long - acting anticorrosive composite coating. The metal spray coating is used as an anode for cathodic protection of steel components, and the second thicker coating also prevents the infiltration of the substrate.

(2) the coating property has high binding force, and its binding force is unmatched by zinc rich paint and hot dip zinc. In addition, the impact bending test of arc spraying layer was carried out according to Japanese industrial standard.

It is completely up to standard and is called by field engineers.

The "laminated steel plate" is very suitable for the long-term anti-corrosion treatment of the steel structure of the coal mine shaft with frequent shock and vibration. Long life, the thickness of arc coating determines the corrosion resistance of the coating, generally over 30 years or more.

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