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corrugated UPVC/PVC roof sheet Guaranteed device quality

- Aug 29, 2017 -

The roof is the roof of the building building from the top of the cover effect of the outer cover structure, it maintains the house as little as possible by wind and rain and sun and other natural effects. Roofing in the construction should be handled in the cold area of the snow cold and heat, hot areas of ventilation and heat insulation, and do the roof of the waterproof and drainage. On the special needs of the roof, such as roof gardens, roof swimming pool, construction should pay attention to meet their needs.

The roof of the roof shape more common to the roof, roof slope roof and a variety of shapes of the roof. The structure of the load supporting the roof can be constructed such as roof beams, floors, roof trusses, steel frames, etc., and can also be used in space structures such as bobbins, cables and trusses. China's traditional ancient building roof is a symbol of Chinese architectural features, the current landscape architecture in the use of the most extensive.

Flat roof is usually composed of waterproof layer, insulation or insulation layer and the composition layer, the roof of the waterproof layer is currently selected various types of membrane waterproof roofing and rigid waterproof roof two. Slope roof in the garden construction services are full of double slope and four top slope. Slope roof by the roof, load-bearing structure and thermal insulation layer composition. The roof layer consists of tile, waterproof layer, roof panel and tile. The tectonic layer contains rafters, good or girders, roof trusses and so on. Most of the tiled roofs in the garden building are made of traditional tiled roofs and glazed tiles. Thermal insulation layer is the use of roof panels and ceiling layer, according to the use of regional and demand can be above the ceiling layer, roof tile below, additional light fire information, from the thermal insulation effect.

In the construction of the roof garden, the roof panel is the most important type of plant selection, cultivation of soil selection and construction of the contact and roof construction in the water, drainage system and a series of problems.

Above the roof panel in the house after the use of the following Let us look at how the roof is installed.

1, because the roof is longer, the demand in the specified cross-limit, easy to install.

The wall panel assembly starts the device after several empty roof panels. The pressure plate device is in accordance with the relevant construction procedures. The roof is laid by the end of the year.

2, roof panels should be strictly before the roof beam, purlin device straightness, to be checked after the settlement on the roof set up vertical and horizontal control points (each pillar set a little) constitute a control network.

3, the roof panel device, to take a good springboard, the first to set a control line every 6m, first measured the pressure plate perpendicular to the purline of the baseline to the baseline line device side bracket to the bracket as the device fixed Bracket, fixed bracket welded to the roof purlin, the base of the fixed bracket and the bracket at the top of the base spacing should be accurate, draw every 600mm of the control line. Install the first block pressure board, the board to gently, the construction staff are not allowed to wear hard shoes, strict control of the roof straightness and start position. When the second block and the future pressure plate, the board and the board between the use of the active take part of the crimping machine bite the roof panel interface, so that it is tight and seamless, base alignment. Roof panels should be installed on the demand side of the head plate, retaining plate, etc., to facilitate the roof angle, flooding device, to ensure that the roof of the device quality. The day of the laying of the board must be fixed on that day.

4, gutter device, the purlins must be given in the wall point of control points to control the level of the fairgia device level and elevation error.

5, the wall panel device should be strictly before the purlins and other wall structure of the device quality, to be re-qualified before the device.

6, the device top of the wall before the pressure plate, hanging at the top of the wall perpendicular to the ground of a baseline, and then in the bottom of the pressure plate pull a horizontal line parallel to the horizon to horizontal and vertical baseline prevail The plate is fixed on the wall purlins, and so on until the final piece of pressure plate device is finished.

7, the wall pressure plate device when the convergence should be tight, convergence with the convergence bolt tightening force to be uniform, neatly placed

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