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Features of the assembly building

- Dec 18, 2017 -

1. A large number of construction parts are finished by workshop production and processing. The main types of components are: exterior wall panel, inner wall panel, laminated board, balcony, air conditioning board, stair, precast beam, precast column, etc.

2. Lots of assembly work on site, which is much less than the original casting.

3. Adopt the integrated design and construction of architecture and decoration, and the ideal state is that the decoration can be carried out simultaneously with the construction of the main body.

4. The standardization of design and management of information, the standard components, the production efficiency is higher, the corresponding component costs will fall, cooperate with the digital management of the factory, the prefabricated construction will be more and more high cost performance.

5. Meet the requirements of green building. Energy conservation and environmental protection


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