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Fireshield Plasterboard for Ceiling Material-10.0mm

- Nov 23, 2017 -

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: 10.0mm

  • Color: Red

  • Type: Fire-Shield

  • Application: Office, Hotel, Household, Dust Free Room, Public

  • Related Products: Gypsum Board,Gypsum Ceiling

  • Material: Desulphurization Gypsum

  • Function: Fireproof Board Ceiling, Soundproof Ceiling, Norm

  • Thichness: 10mm-15.9mm

  • Transport Package: Pallet

  • HS Code: 6809110000

Product Description

 fireshield plasterboard is a kind of high quality plasterboard made with high purity gypsum core, vermiculite and glass fiber additive distributed in net shape. By adopting pink paper back under special fire proof treatment as protective tissue, it will greatly improve fire resistant property of plasterboard.

Green and environmental protection 
Fireshield plasterboard is made of green desulfuration gypsum with its core materials from the addition of fiber and admixture, which makes allows the green plasterboard to absorb certain moisture.
Fire-resistant glass fiber
The core of  fireshield plasterboard contains a large quantity of reticular glass fiber, which can extend the stability of the core during fire.
Fire-resistant vermiculite
Vermiculite is added into the core of  fireshield plasterboard. The plasterboard will crack during fire and the vermiculite will become sticky after swelling in fire and penetrate into the crack, which will longer the fire-resistant time again.
Save space 
It will save floor area of wall and improve utilization rate of building space by adopting plasterboard as material of wall. If plasterboard is used as inner partition, it will be convenient for indoor pipeline laying and overhauling. 
Comfortable living
With big porosity and proper distribution of hole structure, plasterboard is qualified with better performance of air permeability. When indoor humidity is higher, it will absorb moisture; when air is dry, it will release moisture, thus adjusting indoor humidity to certain extent. Just due to such unique "respiratory performance", plasterboard will adjust indoor humidity within certain scope to make living conditions more comfortable.


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