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Geotextile Storage, transportation and processing

- Oct 28, 2017 -

  • Geotextile Fabric Rolls before installation must be avoid damage.Geotextile Fabric Rolls should be piled up to the level not seeper place, stacking height not more than four rolls, and can see the packing identification.


  • Geotextile Fabric Rolls must be covered with opaque material to prevent ultraviolet aging.


  • In the process of storage must keep the label complete and data integrity.(including the scene from the material storage in transit to the work of transportation).


  • Geotextile fabric rolls must avoid damage.Physical damage of geotextile volume must be repaired.Geotextile can't use by serious wear and tear.


  • Any access to the leak of chemical reagents of geotextile, are not allowed to use for project.

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