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Glass installation construction technology

- Mar 07, 2018 -

Glass installation construction technology

1. Bottom frame installation: use expansion bolts to connect the Angle steel connector to the floor surface, and then weld the metal bottom slot to the connecting Angle steel.

2. Frame installation: use the expansion bolt to connect the Angle steel connector to the main body, then weld the metal top slot to the connecting Angle steel, and install the lifting device at the top to lift the glass to reduce the pressure at the bottom.

3, with holding a glass holder by artificial handling to the installation site, and then use the glass sucker machine installation at the side of the glass to glass fast absorption, with hoisting machinery will then, together with the glass sucker ascending to a certain height, and then turn the chuck, will be transferred to the vertical, horizontal undercover glass and glass first insert the hook on the bottom supporting frame, and then continue to lift, the mouth under the glass on the bottom frame slot, then put the glass on the block is put in the bottom box, make its support in the design elevation.

4, glass is fixed: the bottom frame, end frame inside the glass on both sides of the gap filling filling material to 10 mm away from seam position, and then to sew the injecting gun injecting sealant, sealant must be uniform, continuous, tightly, on the surface and glass or glass box into 450 Angle, excess glue should be clean.

5, bonded ribbed glass: on the design of bottom rib position bottom glass curtain brush structural adhesive, then put ribs glass with artificial in corresponding avoidances box, adjust good location, the glass screen cementing position gently push, the strong make it binding. In the end, fill and fill the bottom of both sides of the rib glass and inject the sealant. The sealant injection must be continuous, uniform and deep >8mm.

6, gaps between glass processing: infuse sealant to the gaps between the glass and adhesive solution and the glass surface is flat, sealing glue injection to continuous, uniform, full, smooth, level off, make the joint excess glue to clean up.

7. Ribbed glass end treatment: the ribbed glass bottom frame, the end position of the top frame and the sealing strip shall be fixed, and the gap shall be sealed with sealant.

8. Cleaning: after the glass curtain is settled, clean work should be carried out, and a final inspection should be made before the removal of the rack to ensure the quality of the glue and the cleaning of the surface.

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