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Glass partition wall

- Mar 16, 2018 -

1. Handle the surface and metope well. First of all want clear glass partition it belongs to assemble, do not have exorbitant requirement to integral decoration. Nor will it be destructive to the environment that has been decorated. So be sure to do the ground and metope before assembling partition glass.

2. Design the size and style of the glass partition. This can be done by the seller. Because the specific size requires the seller's site size to complete. The glass partition is generally the whole fixed glass or the middle add root material to divide the glass into several pieces, concrete can be decided according to the actual situation. The position of the door is reserved.

3. Choose the top wall partition or the low partition in advance. General domestic toilet will choose top wall type, because close sex is good, in winter bath also won't too cold. Two kinds of office can choose, mainly depends on the requirement of office environment. If the entire floor is a company, some offices may just have to do a low partition. If you want an independent office environment, it is best to choose the top wall type high partition.

4. Selection of frame material. The selection of the framework is currently made of aluminum alloy, which is relatively simple to install and will not cause damage to the environment. The process is also very simple, just need to do the fixed part additionally add glass to be able, door can make aluminium alloy glass door, also can make other material door.

5. Glass selection. As a glass partition, the choice of glass is especially important. At present the use of more is double layer hollow tempered glass, inside add 100 leaves. This kind has private space already, also have the space existence feeling, the space environment namely is in 100 leaves one open and close.

6. You can use frosted glass if you feel the cost is too high. For example, a single piece of glass at a high position above can be made of frosted glass.

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