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Gypsum board installation process

- Feb 28, 2018 -

Gypsum board installation process

1, before the formal construction, workers have to use a horizontal tube to measure whether metope play chalk line level, only guarantee the basic line of level really, don't let there be later condole of installation tilt and fall of on any account.

2, plasterboard condole top, need fixed on the solid wooden keel frame, therefore to the keel material carefully selected before became the indispensable steps, suggest that we try to choose good pine material holding nail force.

Because the keel is made of wood, you must pay attention to fire prevention. The standard practice is that the keel surface is evenly coated with fire retardant paint, and the whole keel is white, then nailed to the wall, which can ensure that the place where it touches the wall is also brushed against the fire retardant coating.

4. After the surface of the keel is completed, the combination can be started, and the workers will use the nail gun to hold it at an Angle of 45 degrees at the junction of the two keels. It is necessary to master the strength to prevent the keel from cracking.

After 5, nailed keel frame framework needs to be fixed on the wall, at this time to check carefully whether the spacing between each frame is not more than 300 mm to have enough fastness (also according to the on-site installation with lamp, canister light, shoot the light in the distance, or the installation will have a little trouble). Otherwise, the plasterboard will sink easily and break.

6, the next will be officially on plasterboard, had better let workers use stainless drywall screw fixed plasterboard, this nail will not rust, can ensure the long term plasterboard is beautiful in the future.

7. The nail eyes on the gypsum board are usually treated with anti-rust nail putty, which is a more economical and labor-saving way to fill nail eyes with cement. And the effect after treatment is no worse than the nail hole putty.

8. The gaps between the two plasterboards must be dealt with in the following steps, or there will be obvious cracks in the future. The average worker will use 901 glue and gypsum powder to fill the joint.

9. After filling the gap with gypsum powder, it is better to apply the anti-crack tape on the surface to prevent the cracking of the top surface. Stick to the side of the stick with a scraper to remove the bubbles, to make the tape and plaster board close together.

10. It is very important to deal with the special suspended ceiling. Such as round, wavy and other condole top all need experience old master to use a small knife to slowly build, this also is the whole condole top molding the most important process.

11. After the basic shape has been repaired, it is necessary to polish the edges of the ceiling with sandpaper and remove the edges and edges. Be patient and careful when dealing with it, otherwise it will have a great impact on your appearance.

12. After a few days of hard work, the ceiling can be finished. As long as grasp the key link in the above several construction, can assure the beautiful and safe of plasterboard condole top.

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