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How is plasterboard fixed on metope

- Mar 06, 2018 -

How is plasterboard fixed on metope

First of all, the wall layer should be treated to ensure the smoothness and verticality of the wall, which is generally controlled by controlling the masonry quality and plaster of the wall, and the concrete wall mat is used when necessary.

According to the design of gypsum board wall position, the control line is released on the wall, and lead to the ceiling and corner.

Install plasterboard horizontal keel, install along the ground and bottom, fix with self-tapping screws or rivets; According to the design and the size of the plasterboard, determine the vertical keel spacing, and the vertical keel on the ground, along the top horizontal keel line, using the self-tapping screws or rivet to fix the vertical keel to the wall.

After the keel is installed, the installation of gypsum board, gypsum board general vertical arrangement, the keel on both sides of the gypsum board are used self-tapping screws fixed on the gypsum board, fixed distance to meet the construction specifications.

The seam of plasterboard wall should be seamed and pasted seam tape, scraping and putty.

After the wall of plasterboard wall is installed, can undertake surface adornment, commonly use paint, coating, pasting or ceramic tile overlay to wait for adornment method.

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