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How to buy antique ceramic tile

- Jan 08, 2018 -
  1. Hand tiling, the hand feeling weight is high density, high hardness, and vice versa


2. Try to scrape the glazed surface with hard objects. If there is a scratch, it indicates that the glaze quality is not good, and the hardness is not enough. In this case, the surface of the glazed surface is easy to hide dirt and is harder to clean.


3. Use the hand to knock on the surface of the archaize brick, if the sound is crisp and loud, indicating the quality of the ceramic tile is well cooked. If sound is abnormal, the ceramic tile inside sintering is not good, may have internal crack.


4. Look at the section and the density of the section is high; Look at the surface and surface luminosity to nature, the design and color, design and color is more change, apply more harmonious, suitable for large area integral shop, create a harmonious atmosphere of the aesthetic effect, of course must be compatible with the integral style of the home


5. Test the water absorption rate, the simplest operation is to put the water droplets on the back of the tile, and the water absorption rate is low. The products with good inner quality will not have water droplet infiltration or diffusion, whereas the other ones are worse.


6. Use a colored pen to write a picture on the front of the archaize brick. After a while, wipe with a wet cloth. If the light is fresh without leaving any trace, it indicates that the brick has a strong anti-pollution, and it will be easy to take care of.


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