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How to clean glass

- Feb 24, 2018 -

How to clean glass

You can find old newspapers. Newspaper is one of the most commonly used method, we surface has print left by oil, can come to wipe the stain on the glass and dust and have the effect very much, to wipe with paper folded into small pieces, then wipe the window will feel after the special bright.

2. Water and dishcloth. To bubble in the water with a piece of cloth, and then put in the lower part of the glass with dry dishcloth, piled up into a bar to pick up water, and then use wet dishcloth rain water from the glass box, the floating down the ash and soil, and then use clean cloth to wipe, then use clean cloth to wipe the glass. From the top down, there will be no rework, so that you can clean the frame.

3. Use a glass scraper. We don't have frame glass, only wave window glass, can use water jet and glass scraper, more professional, and then sprayed on the glass with glass cleaner against the water, use knife to shave off the dirt and water on glass. Because the scraper can be pressed against the glass, to scrape off very fine dust.

4. Sponge. You can use a sponge to scrub the glass. You can clean it without hurting the glass, or you can control the amount of water. Appropriate use dishwashing essence to scrub once, then can use the cloth that absorbs water to absorb wash clean essence, wipe again with dry dishcloth to compare bright. How to clean glass

Two people rub together. Sometimes the two sides of the glass are dirty, so you can start rubbing them together from both sides, and from the top, you don't have to switch back and forth.

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