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How to install aluminum alloy window

- Jan 21, 2018 -

1, the reserved hole: metope is to be reserved than aluminum door and window size larger window, usually around the increase 1.5 cm, and the increase of 1.5 cm, with increased 2.5 cm for installation of aluminum alloy doors and Windows, if excessive reserve size error caused when aluminum alloy doors and Windows can't install builder shall be responsible for processing.

2. Lofting; Before installation of aluminum alloy doors and Windows, three baselines should be laid out for installation. 1. Central baseline -- determine the center position of the window. 2. Horizontal reference line -- determine the height of the window. 3. Enter and exit baseline -- determine the internal and external location of the window.

3, installation frame: the location of the installation work in accordance with the above, the installation of window of aluminium alloy door USES line, level, its true level of vertical position after fill with wedge tight around the aluminum alloy box fixed.

4. Embedded fixed film: insert the fixed piece into concrete wall or brick wall 3-4 cm, and mix with 1:2 cement mortar to fix the stone, or weld the fixed piece and steel bar with welding.

5. Cement embedded: after fixing the fixed piece, the surrounding wood wedge is removed by the installer, and then the cement mortar is sewn, so as to avoid the gap between the aluminum alloy frame and the wall surface.

6 seam, reserve water, aluminum alloy doors and Windows after sealing, the casing outside the interior edges around before paint, cement worker need to log in 1 cm square pegs, reserved water seam, after paint to prevent leak agent after they fill, and prevent the rain infiltration.

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