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Inspection of aluminum alloy doors and Windows

- Mar 09, 2018 -

1. Confidentiality requirements

1. Corner sealing strip (glue corner) : the sealing strip should avoid corner splicing, and the corner seal should be designed to be a 90-degree integral rubber Angle.

2. Box fan seal: the opening fan part should be designed with three sealing strips, the main sealing strip, the fan pressure side strip and the edge strip.

2. Prevention of leakage

1. The external window must be equipped with drainage channel, drain port and vent hole (air pressure balance hole), and drain water in the window frame fan. The outside of the drain should be capped to prevent the strong wind from blowing rain and dust into the window fan.

2. The thermal insulation strip shall adopt the C type structure, which shall be combined with the internal and external aluminum profiles on the same horizontal surface, so as to avoid the leakage and corrosion potential of the water in the heat insulation strip. At the same time, it can increase the length of the insulation strip and improve the thermal performance.

3. Size of door and window opening: the structure hole should not be too large, so that it can avoid the danger of leakage.

4. Tongue-and-groove: for special reasons, such as external wall for stone curtain wall, large size is reserved for the hole, and the proposal of the structure hole is recommended, and the design should be poured with concrete wall at the same time.

5. External window sill: the exterior wall material is the building of paint, and the metal window sill is recommended. The inside of the metal window sill should be pressed into the window frame, the outside projecting wall to make water.

6. Window frame and structure hole: the window frame should be installed in a suitable position. If installed on the outside, 20mm should be collected inside to prevent the construction error, which causes the window frame to be installed outside the structure, causing water leakage.

3. Frame fan structure requirements

Group Angle: the group Angle is the important process that relates to the integrity of doors and Windows.

Adhesive technology: in general, the Angle code should be used to apply the Angle glue process, and the window Angle is forbidden to be extruded.

Injecting process: conducting glue tank group of Angle can also be used Angle yards injecting hole Angle of a two-component glue injection process, ensure the Angle strength requirements, to ensure that the doors and Windows after finished goods during transportation, installation no deformation displacement phenomenon to appear.

4. Thermal insulation requirements

Profile of the cavity design: profile multi-cavity structure should be adopted, and reduce the loss of heat, and should be up and down outside the window insulation components coplanar, form the overall insulating surface, eliminate cold bridge, block heat loss channels.

2. Insulation tape should be installed in the glass installation groove: increase the number of air chamber, reduce the heat loss between the hollow glass and the profile, and improve the insulation effect of the whole window.

3. The window fan shall be designed with a t-type insulation bar: the window fan insulation bar is designed as a t-type, and is connected with the intermediate strip to realize the cold and hot zone of the fan frame joint. It is forbidden to place the intermediate tape directly on the aluminum profile of the fan.

4. The insulation strip shall be made of Polyamide66 (known as Polyamide66, commonly known as nylon 66).

5. Glass warm edge: double layer hollow glass cavity is suitable for setting warm edges, which can block the cooling channel of glass cavity.

6. In the area with high heat transfer coefficient, the thermal insulation material can be added in the heat insulation cavity of the profile to meet the K value requirement.

7. Outer door: the door of the first floor of the residential building opens to the outside of the garden, and the threshold should be set. The door shall be closed with a brush. The first floor of the residence opens to the garden, the two doors open, and the two doors should be closed and closed.

Safety technical requirements

1. The buckle: glass to buckle shall be installed at the side of the interior, it is forbidden to open the window to flip within a window outside the buckle at the side of the outdoor installation, meet the requirements of security, safety, glass replacement and no leakage hidden trouble.

2. Lock point: to improve the strength and anti-theft performance of the outer window, the outer window should adopt multi-point lock. The lock setting shall meet the requirements of hardware manufacturer's design and installation manual.

3. The outside door should not be too large, so as to ensure the reliability of hardware fittings such as hinges to avoid safety accidents.

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