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Installation method of resin tile

- Feb 22, 2018 -

1. Installation sequence

2. Before installation, it should be released according to the situation of the site, so as to help the installation of the tile to reach the horizontal vertical, ensure the installation quality and achieve the beautiful effect.

3. Install main tile

Two slope roof tile Lord when installation, on one side of the wave center with CC1 (CC2) or DD1 (DD2) line, the main tile, bottom should be parallel with CD, AB, and from one side (CC1 or DD1 line) to start the installation. The first installation of the most important, must guarantee tile bottom with CC1 (CC2) or DD1 (DD2) vertical line shall not be tilted, straighten location, is the center of the bottom purlin and tile (crest) will be fixed. To prevent one-way lap tilt and uneven phenomenon, caused by the main tile rows horizontally mounted to a, a, namely the second tile withhold the first and the third piece of tile, fourth and withhold the third and fifth zhang watts each lap a wave, and the rest by analogy. During installation, check the vertical of the bottom edge and the construction line at any time, and then install the fixed parts after confirmation. The longitudinal installation shall take a section length of the tile. Two slope roofing main tile installation should be carried out synchronously on both sides to ensure that the crest of the ridge is fitted. The main tile is installed with a self-tapping pin with a diameter of 6.3mm and a length of 75mm. According to the fixed position, the installation of the positive ridge tile and the inclined ridge tile is selected with a diameter of 6.3mm and a length of 110-150mm.

Fixed watt-hours will first waterproof circle within the groove positioned below the protection pad, and the self tapping screw through the protection pad center hole (round down), electric drill with tile surface vertical, tighten elastic watt-hour nail wants moderate, after the installation of waterproof hat again.

The steel purline adopts self-tapping screw or stainless steel Angle nail, and the wood purline adopts self-tapping screw. The drill is bigger than the diameter of the self-tapping screw with a diameter of 2mm, and a set of accessories is fixed every other crest.

The installation of the four slope roof is first installed on the main tile. After the main tile is installed, install the triangular roof on both sides. The center line CC3 and DD3 are installed on both sides of the base, and then cut along the slash to facilitate the installation of the inclined ridge tile.

4. Install the right ridge tile.

The ridge tile is installed on the CD line of the roof. The installation should start from the side of the main tile area. The first one is to avoid overlapping with the main tile, and the two ridges are connected by a waveform.

5. Install the inclined ridge tile.

The oblique ridge tile is installed on the triangular bevel of the multi-slope roof, and the upper and lower alignment shall be fixed on the main tile purline, and the two sections of inclined ridges shall be connected to 30mm, and the end of the ridge tile shall be installed.

6. Install the three-way tile.

Tee ridge tile installed on three sides intersect vertices, positive and oblique installation tee ridge tile ridge tile after the installation, the installation tee ridge tile on lap was below the ridge tile, on both sides of the lap joint above the diagonal ridge tile.

7. Installation of eaves

The eaves shall be installed at the same time as the next section of the main tile, and shall be fixed on the purline with the self-tapping of the main tile end. If the head of the main tile is too long, the length of the cornice is not enough, and the bolts are fixed separately.

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