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Introduction to integrated housing

- Dec 20, 2017 -

By the structure of the building integration system, ground, floor, wall, roofing system, each system is composed of several modular units, unit module have been built in a factory, building site performed by unit module assembly. The integrated house can be disassembled, moved and not destroyed. The transformation of "real estate" property to "chattel" property has been achieved for thousands of years, and the real estate and real estate of "real estate" have been completely separated for thousands of years.

The on-site construction period of the integrated house is 10% to 30% of the traditional building mode. The quality of the integrated house is more detailed, and the error of the CMM error in the traditional building mode to the factory is made


Integrated housing features is a professional design, production, standardization, modularization, generalization and easy to demolition, installation is convenient, convenient transportation, storage, can be used repeatedly, the turnover of temporary or permanent quality housing.


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