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Introduction to light steel structure housing

- Dec 21, 2017 -

Steel structure house is the third generation of construction, it USES the h-beam and thin-walled cold-formed C, Z steel combination or building frame, roof and walls using color coating or sandwich color steel plate, steel sheet in developed countries has been largely to replace the traditional reinforced concrete buildings. It has the advantages of light weight, large span, little material, low cost, low cost, short construction period, safe and reliable, and beautiful appearance. Steel structure houses are widely used in buildings with single-storey industrial buildings, warehouses, commercial buildings, office buildings, multi-storey car parks and residential buildings.

Steel structure house is a cross section or the subjects of the variable cross-section h-beam for bearing type C, Z purlin and support for the auxiliary connections between column, fixed by bolts or welding way, roof and wall enclosure steel sheet in color and form a new type of building system. The structure of steel structure has many advantages compared with traditional architecture.

The strength of materials is high: the bulk density of steel is larger, but the intensity is much higher. Compared with other building materials, the ratio of bulk density and yield of steel is the least.

House gravity light: the steel structure of the structure of the steel structure is usually about 25KG/ -80kg, and the weight of the color compression plate is less than 10KG. The self-weight of the steel structure house is only 1/8-1/3 of the concrete structure, which can greatly reduce the foundation cost.

Safe and reliable: steel is homogeneous, isotropic, elastic modulus is large, and has good plasticity and toughness. For the ideal elastic - plastic body, the steel structure housing is accurate and reliable.

High degree of industrial production: mass production can be made in batches, with high accuracy. Adopting the construction method of factory construction and site installation can greatly shorten the construction period and improve economic efficiency.

Beautiful: the enclosure of steel structure house is color compression type steel plate, use life is 30 years not fade, do not rust. Due to the diversity of color of color plate, the building line is clear, the view is comfortable and easy to look.

Reusable: steel structure housing the main skeleton connection for high strength bolt connection, retaining plate for self-tapping screw connection, remove the more convenient, if the building needs to move, as long as the pull down bolt to the steel structure housing parts where it is needed, can be back together.

Seismic performance is good, the steel structure housing as the main bearing refactoring reconstruction for the steel structure, the toughness and elasticity is larger, purlin of the shear and torsion effect and support between the column and beam, the stability of the whole structure is greatly enhanced.

The application scope is wide: the steel structure house is suitable for all kinds of industrial buildings, warehouses, supermarkets, high-rise buildings and so on.


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