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Light quality partition board construction key points

- Apr 03, 2018 -

Light quality partition board construction key points

1. Check the geometric dimensions of the partition board to meet the standard requirements.

2. According to the layout, 40 x 50 * 90L iron parts are fixed in the fixed position.

3. Install from one side according to the layout. If there is a door and window opening on the partition board, the installation will be started from the opening of the door and window. Aim at the ink line, use crowbar to try to move at the bottom, top end tight, plate edge tight, bottom with wooden wedge, plus reinforcement.

4. When installing, check the flatness, perpendicularity and other related inspection items at any time.

5. The installation of water and electricity buried pipes shall be carried out synchronously with the partition wall panel. When opening the wall panel, the hole shall be drilled before installation, and the hole shall not be greater than 80mm x 80mm; The hoisting piece of water heating shall not exceed 80 kg, and more than 80 kg of hanging parts must be installed on the fixed embedded parts of the partition board.

6. The electrical wiring switch and socket are all around, and the filling is applied.

7. After the wall panel is installed, the adhesive materials must be dried to carry out the next procedure. The installation can be performed from 10 to 15 days after the installation.

8. The installed partition wall shall not be covered with peeling, Angle, air drum and cracks, and shall be calculated according to the plane of each wall to achieve the intermediate rendering of the building.

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