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Light steel structure housing requirements for foundation

- Feb 23, 2018 -

Light steel structure housing requirements for foundation.

Part should not be the basis of the same structure unit, USES the natural foundation, part adopts artificial foundation, also should not take more than two classes and a greater difference between the properties of the soil, as to the bearing layer, when the steel structure of tall building foundation slab or local to lie under the soil pile side close to or inclined top surface, the appropriate underpinnings or increasing pile length, the base or at the bottom of the pile end all under the same lie inside, in order to avoid possible production of uneven settlement. Steel structure building site is unable to avoid sliding or taphrogenic may be produced during the earthquake of river and lake, so the river's edge location, foundation stability of the targeted measures should be taken, and strengthen the foundation of the whole sex. When there is liquefaction soil layer in the ground under the foundation of high-rise buildings, measures should be taken to eliminate the adverse effect of the liquefaction of the soil layer on the superstructure. To eliminate the adverse effects of the liquefaction subsidence on the steel structure of the foundation, one of the following measures can be chosen according to the local article:

1: using the encryption method, such as the vibroflotation method, sand compaction pile method, dynamic compaction method, such as reinforcing the foundation, should deal with to the depth of the soil liquefaction under the interface, and the number of standard penetration hammering in the soil after processing the measured values, should be greater than the critical value of the soil liquefaction.

2. When the deep foundation is used, the depth below the depth of the soil layer below the depth of the base surface is not less than 500mm.

3: steel structure engineering construction using pile foundation, pile end into the depth of liquefaction under the length of the stable soil layer, should press the bearing capacity of the pile calculated and determined, and shall not be less than the following values, all within the scope of invisible tall building foundation bearing layer can be liquefied soil layer.

To light layout, is widely known by all, lighter weight and light steel trailer, in the current urban construction, played a not instead of the effect of temporary housing, and has now completed the temporary building standardized forms, in everyone's mind set up the concept of efficient construction.

Create advantages of light steel trailer first is that it is not affected by any geological environment, whether the wetland is still boring area, it can be useful to the construction, and can save created most of the time limit for a project, usually light steel trailer first is doing the construction, and adapted to the various geological conditions of poor working environment, excellent in this aspect of the seismic reflected, cost less, it also causes the light steel trailer often appeared in the earthquake area area, its device and protection are relatively quickly.

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