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Light steel villa performance

- Mar 08, 2018 -

Light steel villa performance

1. Shock resistance of light steel residential buildings: due to the light steel structure, the properties of metal materials and the necessary shear wall structure determine the natural seismic performance of the lightweight steel structure system. Due to earthquake activity for the left and right and up and down, so use fasteners of light steel structure formed a box, security and stability will not appear because of the earthquake shaking collapsed wall or floor off the endanger personal safety. When the intensity of earthquake is 9, it can meet the requirement of not collapse.

2. Sound insulation of light steel house: the sound insulation of the wall is greater than or equal to 45db.

According to the requirements of global climatic belts, the thickness of insulation layer of external wall and roof can be changed at any time.

Three: wind resistance: resistance to wind load level can be up to 12 typhoons (1.5 KN / ㎡).

Four: light steel residential environmental protection: ecological recyclable steel, wood, plastic 100% recyclable.

5. Safety of light steel house: there is an essential difference between permanent building and color board room and mobile room. The service life of the house meets the standard of the state for 50 years.

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