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Light-weight steel frames and mosaic ASA panels system

- Dec 19, 2017 -

Light-weight steel frames and mosaic ASA panels system is a unique building system with ordinary steel structure as the main structure,math with ASA series panels as retaining structure consisting .Using ecterior ASA series panels as peripheral protection not only has good heat preservation but heat insulation performance,and the inner panels inlaid steel frame-work,work together with the framework ,composition of the structure of the system to resist lateral force,so as to reduce the steel weight of the structure system,and “thermal bridge”can be blocked in steel frame,the system design with the principle of the vertical load borne is borne by the main structure,and horizontal load is borne by the main structruce and inlay ASA plate,ASA panels can be set between the steel frame eqivalent for the cross steel support,the system is given priority to with bonding between ASA panels and frame,positioning and the local welding with steel panels card.Exterior wall adopt to strengthen wear bolt connection,except bonding between double ASA panels.


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