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Low-E Coated Energy Saving Insulated Glass for Building Curtain Wall

- Jan 05, 2018 -

Basic Info

  • Shape: Flat

  • Glass Thickness: 3-12mm Single panel

  • Deep Processing Depth: Hollow Glass

  • Usage: Door, Building, Window

  • Transport Package: End-Cap or Cross Plywood Crates

  • Type: Insultaed Glass

  • Structure: Hollow

  • Air Cavity Depth: 6A,9A, 12A, 15A, 16A

  • Energy Transfer: Convection

  • Color: Clear, Blue, Green, Grey

  • Specification: According to customer requirements

*More than 10 years manufacturer and supplier experience
*Quick delivery of 15 days.
*Certificate: ISO9001,CCC ,CE ,etc.
* Good price and best services.
*Safety strong packing and loading

1. We can also cut sizeand deal with customer required sizes, also edge polishing.
2. Features:Smooth surface, even thickness, high light transmittance, no wave, no scratch,no bubble; thickness tolerance reach the national standards
3. Function andapplication: can be applied in the fields of building decorations, mirrormaking, laminated, tempered, optical instruments, glass deep processing etc.
4. Packing: Seaworthy wooden crates with paper layer between each sheet.

1.can be customized by various patterns customer requested, with multi-colors;
2.Scratch resistant, Acid and Alkali resistant;
3.High color stability, durable and without color fading;
4.Safety glass with tempered glass desirable properties;
5.Effective in providing solar shading.

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