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Main features of assembly building

- Nov 11, 2017 -

01. Functional diversification

A large number of assembly operations on the site make the on-site operation greatly reduced, which can significantly increase labor productivity. From a functional point of view, first of all, the prefabricated building facade design has the function of the heat preservation, in the winter can make residents feel warm and feel cool in summer, saving the use of air conditioning, reduce air pollution; Secondly, the sealing function of the wall and window of the prefabricated building is better, and the sound insulation is good. Third, fire prevention, the seismic performance is good, the special material of prefabricated construction can provide people with a safe and comfortable living environment, it is not easy to spontaneous combustion under the dry weather, use for a long time there will be no cracks, the problem such as yellow, prefabricated building better seismic performance.

02. Construction and assembly

Prefabricated construction is done by factory production and processing a large number of components, meters with integration of construction, decoration design, construction and other programs, decorate as the main body construction completed in the factory, not only ensure the quality of decorating, can speed up the project progress as a whole. Due to the weight of the prefabricated construction more light than the traditional architecture, as long as people draw good basic structure map can be directly conducted on site construction, due to its construction speed is very fast, so that the work efficiency and improve a lot.

Design diversification

Prefabricated buildings more accord with the requirement of green building and the standardization of design and management of information degree is higher, with the digital management of the factory, the prefabricated construction will be more and more high cost performance. And at present, a lot of buildings in design is given priority to with the fixed pattern of room, housing of overall use is not very flexible, but prefabricated construction can avoid the disadvantages, the main residential leaf size for segmentation, according to the requirements of residents to configure.

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