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Matters needing attention during the plasterboard transportation

- Mar 03, 2018 -

Matters needing attention during the plasterboard transportation.

1. Gypsum board handling and loading is not conducive to manual handling and should be carried out with forklift truck for safety preparation before handling; 2. When placing the gypsum board, be careful to put it lightly and not bump into it to prevent damage;

3. Strictly prohibit the loading and unloading of damaged goods, and the delivery department should take the customs seriously;

4. After loading the goods, the transport driver should fix the goods in case of collision and damage during driving.

5. In the process of truck driving, proper speed should be kept in order to avoid the sudden braking;

6. In case of rain, the transport personnel should take protective measures to prevent the gypsum board from being caught in the rain.

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