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mirror glass Regular cleaning

- Aug 29, 2017 -

Mirror glass, also known as polished glass, is made of flat glass after polishing glass, single-sided polished and double-sided polished two, smooth and shiny surface. Light transmittance greater than 84%, thickness of 4mm-6mm.

From the side of the glass can see through the opposite of the scene, and from the other side of the glass is simply not see the opposite of the scene, it can be said in this side he is not eyesight.

Ordinary glass is equal to the glass on the mirror, mirror glass film is equal to the mirror after the silver, but it must have a prerequisite for reflection of light, that is, outside the light than the inside of the light, otherwise they can not see the reflected light. Car film glass, sunglasses and other basic are this thing.

Usually in the ordinary glass above the layer of film, or color, or in the thermoplastic molding in the inside if some metal powder, so that both through the light source of light can also reflect the reflection of the inside of the light out The

1, daily cleaning procedures

(1) with a soft clean cloth in a certain order from top to bottom to wipe the glass or mirror on the floating ash;

(2) If there is a spot, you can use a rag dipped in water to wipe, and then dry wipes dry polished;

(3) If you can not remove with water, you can spray or wipe a little glass cleaner with a rag and then wipe, and then wipe with a dry cloth polished glass or mirror;

The stubborn water on the mirror, toothpaste can be wiped on the cloth, mouth with the mouth blowing breath, and then wipe, there will be unexpected results Oh. From Xiao Bian personally test Oh

2, regular cleaning procedures

(1) Prepare all kinds of tools before cleaning:

1, the bucket two (a Sheng prepared a good detergent solution, a Sheng water);

2, do not recommend using a blade: a very sharp will scratch the hand, where we can use a better way to remove those engaged in activities and stick to the above tape or stickers traces of the first spray on the glass some water, and then use the hair dryer Mid-range wind blowing can be easily removed; from Xiao Bian personally test Oh

3, glass cleaner;

4, wipes, should be selected soft, will not drop silk plain cloth;

5, sponge;

6, glass wipers, glass wipers (with telescopic rod).

(2) cleaning procedures

1, according to the use of the requirements of the proportion of the barrel in the configuration of a good glass cleaner solution;

2, ready a bucket of water;

3, with a glass wipers dipped in glass cleaner from the top to the bottom of the Department began to constantly wipe from left to right, and then in turn from right to left, has been scrubbed to the bottom, horizontal scrub, and then from the left Scrub up and down until the right side, if the large pieces of glass or mirror will be stretched glass stretcher elongated, according to the top of the glass from top to bottom vertical wipe;

4, with a glass scraping the glass soak solution scrape the net, you can use the left and right horizontal scratch method, you can first rubber scraping on the top left of the glass, right to scratch, stop in the halfway, and then the same way from the right Rub to the left. Should be careful when wiping with a rag to remove the water on the shaving scrap, and use this method to the bottom of the glass, if the large glass or mirror, then with a rubber scraping from the top of the glass from the vertical down to scratch the water;

5, with glass wipers dipped in water as described in Procedure 3 scrub the glass surface;

6, with a glass wiper according to the procedures described in paragraph 4 will be shaved glass water;

7, with a rag to the glass surface is not scratching or the water on the border wipe;

8, if there are still relics can be re-scrubbed in the local detergent can also be a small blade or shaving blade gently scratched, pay attention to not scratch the glass surface;

9, if the small pieces of glass or mirror, sponge can be used instead of wipers, wipes instead of wipers, the specific cleaning method above;

10, where the use of detergent or synthetic detergent, it should be noted that: should first refer to the operating instructions, and then start cleaning work.

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