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Model steel window maintenance method

- Jan 12, 2018 -

1. Regular cleaning

The dust on the window should be cleaned regularly to keep the Windows, glass and hardware clean and bright. After the window of model steel door is installed, should tear off the protective film on the surface of door and window immediately, clean with clean water, otherwise will leave a lot of glue film on the door and window, can be very difficult to clean.

2. Do not clean with strong acid and base solution.

If the window pollution and oil is difficult to clean, had better not use strong acid or alkali solution for cleaning, such not only easy to make profile surface finish is damaged, can also destroy the protective film on the surface of the hardware and oxide layer corrosion caused by the hardware.

3. Clear the inner clutter of window frames in time.

It is necessary to clear the inner particles and other debris in time so as not to block the drainage channels and cause drainage and leakage.

4. Start with moderate intensity.

When opening the steel window, the force should be moderate, as far as possible to open and close the speed even. If you find any difficulty, don't force it.

Avoid hard objects hitting.

Try to avoid hitting the steel Windows or scratch profiles with hard objects.

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