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Other Glass Can play a heat, anti-glare, lighting

- Aug 29, 2017 -

Endothermic glass is a flat glass that absorbs a lot of infrared radiation and maintains a high visible light transmittance. There are two ways to produce endothermic glass: First, in the ordinary soda lime silicate glass raw materials by adding a certain amount of heat-absorbing properties of the colorant; the other is flat glass surface coated with one or more layers Metal or metal oxide film.

The characteristics of endothermic glass

1, can absorb solar radiation heat: such as 6mm thick transparent float glass, in the sun under the total heat of 84% through the heat, and under the same conditions, the total heat of the glass heat 60%. Heat-absorbing glass, the color and thickness of different solar radiation heat absorption is also different.

2, can absorb the sun visible light: weaken the intensity of sunlight, play anti-glare effect.

3, with a certain degree of transparency: to absorb a certain amount of ultraviolet light.

The development prospect of endothermic glass

With the upgrading of China's consumer structure, the state also encourages enterprises to independent innovation, to ensure that the domestic market for glass products in the long-term demand growth trend unchanged. Endothermic glass is now widely used in building doors and windows, external walls and used as a car, boat windshield, etc., can play insulation, anti-glare, lighting and decoration and so on. Absorb some of the sun visible light so that the glare of the sun becomes soft, played a role in anti-glare. Endothermic glass can also be processed according to different uses, made of polished glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, mirror glass and insulating glass and other glass products. Colorless phosphate heat-absorbing glass can absorb a lot of infrared radiation heat, can be used for film copy and film and color printing.

And with the construction, automobile, decoration, furniture, information industry technology and other industries and the development of people living space environment requirements, functional processing products will be widely used, in summary, the endothermic glass The development prospects of a good!

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