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Packing box room introduction

- Oct 18, 2017 -

Packing box room introduction

By the lid, base, Angle, and several pieces of interchangeable wallboard, adopts the modular design concept and production technology, to a box room modular as standard parts and components, to the land or lifting assembly at the scene, setting. With enclosure for the product as the basic unit, housing the use of special cold bend galvanized steel structure, enclosure material are all made of non-combustible material, plumbing electrical, decoration and function facilities, all of the prefabricated completed in the factory, don't need the second construction, or integral lifting setting can check in the assembly at the scene. It can be used singly or in different combinations of horizontal and vertical directions.

Type of packaging box housing structure is simple, safe, and low to basic requirement, move with convenient installation, mobile convenience, the turns, long service life of the lamp, the product disassembling lossless, no construction waste, can be used as office, accommodation, restaurants, bathing, entertainment and combination of large space use, can satisfy the barracks construction camp, field operations, emergency housing, schools, hospitals, tourist station, all kinds of commercial housing demand.

It has the characteristics of prefabrication, flexibility, energy saving and environmental protection, etc., which is called "the new green building body".

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