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Plastic UPVC PVC Sheet Production Machinery

- Feb 01, 2018 -

Basic Info

  • Plastic Processed: PVC

  • Feeding Mode: Multiple Feed

  • Screw: Twin-Screw

  • Screw Channel Structure: Deep Screw

  • Automation: Automatic

  • PVC Roof Tile Machine/Plastic Machinery: PVC Roof Tile Machine/Plastic Machinery

  • Plastic PVC Wave Tile Extrusion Machine: Plastic PVC Wave Tile Extrusion Machine

  • PVC Roofing Sheet Extrusion Line Make: Conical Double Screw Extruder

  • PVC Sheet Production Line: Plastic Sheet Machine Line

  • High Output of PVC Sheet Machine: PVC Wavy Roofing Machine Line

  • Specification: CE

  • Type: Sheet Extruder

  • Product Type: Profile Extrusion Molding Machine

  • Assembly Structure: Integral Type Extruder

  • Engagement System: Full Intermeshing

  • Exhaust: Don′t Exhaust

  • Computerized: Computerized

  • PVC Wave Board Extrusion Line: PVC Corrugated Board Production Line

  • Width: 840-1130mm, 1130-1450mm

  • PVC Wave Plate Production Line: Single Layer or Multi-Layers

  • Plastic PVC Corrugated Sheet Roof Line: PVC Material, Double Layer

  • Product Description

plastic UPVC PVC sheet production machinery 

     This plastic extrusion machine is PVC roof tile machine. The roof tile can be made according to client's requirement. The designs can be wave roof, tile roof. The height of pitch also can be different height.
The width of the roof usually be 700-1250mm. The thickness usually be 1-3mm.

    In order to lower the cost of the roof, we can make the roof two or three layers and use recycled material in the middle layer.

The corrugated pvc roofing sheets are weather-proof and provide protection against sun, rain, hail and snow. They transmit light softly and naturally. Additionally, they are non-conductive and non-inflammable. This kind of roofing sheets are available in various colors to meet architectural environmental or other needs.The filter sunlight softly create a bright and pleasant atmosphere.

The smooth surface of these panels resists dirt accumulation, thus maintaining the panels visual appearance. Also the roofing sheets are liable and resist cracking, chipping and flaking. The extrusion machine is carefully made, easy to operate.

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