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Precautions for construction of mineral wool board

- Nov 09, 2017 -

(1) the lifting bar and the main keel installation method are the same as the plate installation method of the light steel keel.

(2) install side keel: adopt l-shaped edge keel, fixed with plastic expansion pipe or self-tapping screw with the wall, and the fixed spacing is 200MM. Install the wall of the side keel of the wall to apply putty, can avoid the future wall scraping putty when the pollution and the difficulty of leveling.

(3) times keel installation: the T light steel keel, and spacing in one direction is 600 mm, the other is 1200 ㎜ direction, switch on keel through hang hang in the big, in the direction parallel to the main keel installation of lateral brace keel, 600 mm distance is 600 mm or 1200 mm.

(4) when the keel is installed, strengthen the keel in the surrounding area of the lamp and outlet.

(5) hidden inspection: after the installation of water and electricity, the test of water and the suppression, the keel shall be inspected by concealed inspection, and the next procedure can be entered after passing the qualification.

(6) correction adjustment: after the keel installation is completed, the level of the keel system will be rechecked. Adjust the side keel first, adjust the corresponding secondary keel according to the elevation of the side keel, if necessary adjust the corresponding main keel.

(7) installation of mineral wool board: 600* 1200mm, 600* 600mm, 300*600mm and other mineral wool boards shall be installed, and the operators shall wear white gloves to prevent pollution.



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