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Problems to be paid attention to in the construction of steel structures

- Jan 11, 2018 -

Problems to be paid attention to in the construction of steel structures:

1. The construction site of the steel structure construction site shall be equipped with the implementation and management of on-site safety measures, and unified management of on-site construction personnel, on-site mechanical equipment and on-site electricity consumption. The agents required to participate in the construction must be trained and certified. Personnel entering the construction site must wear safety helmet, skid shoes, electrician and electric welder should wear insulating shoes, and safety belt should be fastened at high altitude.

2. Check the tools, equipment and equipment used before the operation, and the safety device is fully and effectively.

3. The operating surface shall be equipped with a reliable platform for protection and operation. The method is correct, and there should be anti-skid measures at the lifting point. The tools used in the height of the work should be placed in a safe place, and it is forbidden to be placed randomly.

4. When hoisting steel structure parts, the lifting or descending should be stable, avoiding emergency braking or impact. Special person command, the signal is clear, loud, clear, forbid illegal operation. The component must be inspected for quality after installation, and it is safe and reliable. Work must be done in a safe place every day.

5. The mechanical and electrical equipment in the construction site of steel structure shall have reliable rainproof measures. The operation of electrical appliances must be conducted by professionals, and it is strictly prohibited for non-professionals to operate. The welding machine USES the strict safe operation procedure, one line must not exceed 2 meters, the second line can not break the skin bare.

6. The construction of steel structure works well for the safe use of electricity. The removal of all electrical equipment and on-site lighting shall be performed by professional electricians, and the electric tools used must be installed with a leakage protector.

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