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Profile of aluminum profiles of doors and Windows

- Mar 19, 2018 -

Profile of aluminum profiles of doors and Windows

1. Good thermal insulation

K value -- heat transfer coefficient.

Ordinary aluminum alloy K=207 W/(m2k)

Bridge aluminum alloy =2~4 W/(m2k)

2. Good sound insulation.

Careful structural design and tight seams. After the test

3. Good air tightness.

4. Good watertightness.

5. Anti-wind pressure.

Both sides of the decorative surface are aluminum alloy, good anti - wind pressure, door and window products can reach level 7.

6. Fire resistance

Aluminum alloy is metal material, does not burn. Intermediate nylon 66 with flame retardant, does not burn. It is recognized as flame retardant material.

7. Anti-theft

Bridge aluminum alloy doors and Windows, the configuration of fine hardware, make the thieves helpless.

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