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Protective measures for wall tile finished products

- Mar 02, 2018 -

Protective measures for wall tile finished products

1) the tile transport shall be transported to the construction site in batches according to the construction schedule.

2) ceramic tiles should be transported and stored in two pairs of smooth surfaces, preferably with foam paper in the middle, and tied with ropes.

3) the ceramic tiles should be placed side by side during transportation and storage, so as to avoid compression and deformation during transportation.

4) the ceramic tiles shall be placed in the temporary warehouse and the wooden side shall be placed.

5) arrange the construction sequence reasonably. If the construction sequence is inverted, such as the ceramic tile floor construction before, use the color bar cloth and three plywood to protect the finished products.

6) in the process of lifting, the ceramic tiles should be gently placed to prevent damage to the edges and corners of the stone.

7) the ceramic tile should be protected from damage when cutting and drilling.

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