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Requirements for glass transportation and storage

- Mar 01, 2018 -

Requirements for glass transportation and storage.

Glass transportation and storage shall be required as follows:

1. The glass must be kept in a dry room with a lid, and it must be equipped with rainproof facilities during transit and handling.

2. When the glass is in storage, transportation, loading and unloading, box cover up? The box must not be flat or inclined.

3. When the glass is transported, the length of the box should be transported in a parallel direction, and measures should be taken to prevent dumping and sliding.

4. When glass is shelved, should take measures to prevent the glass face and the edge to be damaged, general situation F glass should be put on the pad.

5. When the shelved glass is subjected to wind pressure or wind blowing, it is possible to collapse, should take measures according to the actual situation to prevent the glass from blowing down.

When carrying glass with manpower, the following provisions shall be met:

1. When the glass is transported, its original wound may be damaged, which may cause damage to the glass and endanger the safety of the person. Therefore, it should be avoided that the glass should be damaged during handling.

2. When the glass is transported, the windward glass is affected by the wind. When the glass area is larger or the wind is stronger, the carrier may fall or fall due to the failure of the above load. For this reason, large areas of glass should be taken care of the wind direction to ensure safety.

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