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Resistant Plastic PVC Sheet in Europe

- Feb 01, 2018 -

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: Royal style 1040

  • Type: Eaves Tiles

  • Size: 1040

  • Customized: Customized

  • Width: 1040mm

  • Thickness: 2.5mm,3.0mm

  • Surface: Asa/PMMA Material

  • Color Select: Orange,Brick Red,Hot Red,Red,Blue,Green,Gray

  • Origin: Shangdong, China

  • Material: PVC

  • Shape: Bamboo

  • Color: Brick Red

  • Item: Royal Style 1040

  • Cover Width: 960mm

  • Length: Customized

  • Color Stable: 20 Years

  • Lifetime: 50 Years

Product Description

PVC Roof Sheet Advantages:

- PVC roof sheet's color could last for over 20 years and lifetime is 50 years.
- Volume stable even if the temperature changes.
- Good water resistant.
- Fire Proof.
- PVC Roof Sheet is light weight, bigger size per piece makes it easier to install!
- Corrosion resistant.
- Ease of replacing individual panel.
- No adhesive need.
- Higher load bearing performance.
- The PVC roof sheet is corrosion resistant.

Technical Data:

Heat-Resistance(72°c,6h)no deformatio,
no viscousness
High-low temperature change±0.11%
Cold-Resistance(-40 °c,6h) no crack in suirfaceFire-protectionClass B1 Retardant Building Materials
Bending capability25mmVicat softening temperature≥75°c
Flexural load800N, no crackWater absorption rate≤0.05%
Fleural strength72MPaNail force≥46N
Tensile strength30MPaChemical resistance propertiesNo reaction in salt, alkali(≤60%)

PVC Roof Sheet Application:
UPVC roof sheet is suitable for using in roof decoration of all kinds of industrial and civil buildings, such as the factory roof, warehouse roof and wall cladding, villas, gardens,pavilions, car garage sheds etc.

Installation Process:
-Easy installation, no adhesive need, easier than clay roof panel, glazed roof panel.
-Installation Video would be sent to clients with the goods.
-Providing full service of follow up courses.

JIELI supplyed over 60% uPVC Panel for the 2008 Beijing Olympic games and 2010 Shanghai World Expo. In recent years, Chinese goverment has been implemented the project that adds a slope roof to the existed plat roof for the purposes of
waterproofing, insulation and improving residential leval, and we're the designated supplier which provided superior quality.

Packaging & Shipping

-Length shorter than 2190mm can be packed with pallet,
-Length longer than 2190mm can be packed with PE bags.
1.Safety Pallet packaing, it's tight and keeps the UPVC roof sheet in good condition, easy to load and upload
2. PE Bags Packaging: Roughly 5 pcs PVC panel per bag, keep the PVC panel in safety bag and no scratch, with metal supporting structure in the container, the PVC roof panels are steady and never fall during transportation.

-Free PVC roof sheet sample
-Can produce according to your PVC roof sample
-Can produce the color according to your needs
-Providing PVC Sample Inspection & Analysis
-Complete choices of shape & color

Providing UPVC Production Report.
Providing test report.
Competitive shipment service.
Complete after-sales service.

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