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royal resin roof tile Beautiful and clean, high durability

- Aug 29, 2017 -

Tiles are important roofing materials, usually made of clay, but also made of cement and other materials, the shape of the arch, flat or half a cylindrical, etc., used to build a house.

Tile color to brick red and gray-based, used in construction, not only heat and rain and beautiful and clean, high durability.

Its use began in the early Western Zhou Dynasty. In 1976, a large-scale building base was discovered in the village of Qixian County, Qixian County, Shaanxi Province. According to the determination of radioactive carbon in a carbonized wood column, the results were in the early Western Zhou Dynasty around 1000 BC. A small amount of tile was found in the roof buildup, presumably only for important parts of the roof and part of the roof. At the same time, in Shaanxi Fufeng called Chencun also found a large Western Zhou building base group, from the unearthed pottery to judge, the superstructure is built in the middle of the Western Zhou Dynasty. Found in the ruins of many types of tile, blankets, and half a tile when. (Tile is covered in the roof, the tiles are covered in two lines between the tile, tile is the front of the roof tiles of the tile.) Tile has a tile and tiles, used to fix the tile position. In Shaanxi Fengxie off the province found a piece of tile debris, cross-section was chevron, may be used for ridge on the roof of the tile; also found that has not yet fired tile, speculation here has a special firing tile handicraft workshop. In Henan Luoyang Wangwan, Beijing Liulihe Dong Jialin, also found the late Western Zhou Dynasty tile. It is presumed that the early Western palace building began in the roof of the local (may be in the roof, etc.) with the tile, the late Western Zhou Dynasty to the eastern part of the roof most of the cover.

Ancient tile are made with a mud plate system, the system is the first to build a round mud with a mud plate, and then cut the billet, four or six profile for the tile, And then into the kiln firing. Tile uneven thickness, the opposite hand touch marks, the surface of rough and chaotic rope.

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