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royal resin roof tile Insulation sound insulation, waterproof effect

- Aug 29, 2017 -

In recent years, with the increase in per capita income, people have a higher quality of their own requirements. After eating and drinking, people on the living environment and made a new request: the city people save money to buy a house, the country people earn money to build a house, a moment, the house on the channel to the hot search. House prices adjustment, the rural housing policy baked ... ... as long as the problem of housing, the total can cause a high degree of public concern.

The city's housing prices are getting higher and higher, although a lot of people have a certain savings, or second best, chose to return home. Government New Deal constantly, in order not to violate the housing policy, most people choose to re-repair the previous house, which is smooth in the countryside set off a wave of tide. This is not, just change the resin tile, how do you feel like?

There is no comparison there is no harm ah! The left is just change the resin tile soon, the right is the perennial leakage of clay tiles, resin tile this value is simply victory, how do you see? You can not misunderstand, the resin tile is not by face to eat, but its performance, but a lot of: what sound insulation, wind and earthquake, waterproof self-cleaning, anti-corrosion weather, insulation fire, easy installation, color lasting, low carbon , All without mention.

Although this is a look at the face of the times, but no point really ability, how can the resin tile tile tile industry dominate for so many years? After all, the eyes of the masses is sober, if you can not effectively solve the problem of the existence of the roof, the resin tile probably already cast aside, what about the thunder is now Sheng Sheng

More and more resin tiles are used in the residents of residential buildings, but as a residential building supporting facilities, the installation of solar energy to many people has brought trouble, in fact, people worry about nothing more than three points:

Fear of solar energy affect the overall beauty;

Solar installation of the destruction of resin tile roof, the impact of resin tile roof waterproof effect;

Bearing capacity of resin tile roof;

In fact, these problems are no need to worry about, as long as the resin tile roof to install the pre-planning, set aside the installation platform or inclined roof to build the installation bracket, in the installation process cautious drilling, after the completion of the installation of plastic seal can.

Resin tile is a typical lightweight building materials, although the light, but has a very good anti-load performance, the test, the end of the resin tile in the support interval of 750mm, uniform load 150kg case, without any damage.

Kneading resin tile color beautiful and durable, and thermal insulation, waterproof effect is good, is the modern Ping slope project preferred roofing materials.

 Therefore, as long as the reasonable design and construction details, there is no need to remove the roof of solar energy, resin tile roof bearing capacity is not worried!

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