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Technical description of combined container office room

- Mar 27, 2018 -

Technical description of combined container office room

The modular container office adopts the design concept and manufacturing process of the international popular container mobile room, which can be used in single container or multiple containers before and after combination (2-3 layers can be built). Its insulating Gao Baowen stays for field workers to create a good office environment, products are widely used in the construction site office and accommodation, factory workshop, field operations sites, the top of the additional facilities and other fields.

1. The whole series of container houses adopts light steel structure system, and the wall is covered with composite EPS insulation panel. All the panels and accessories can be folded and packaged, and the installation is simple, suitable for long distance transportation and sea transportation. Reference size :(mm) 6058*2438*2591. The size of the inlet cabinet is relatively narrow (5850*2300*2700). The 40-foot container can hold 6 to 8 sets of container room.

2. Complete factory prefabrication of roof, ground and circuit system, make site installation convenient and quick, shorten the time interval from building the house to use.

3. The steel structure system enables the house to have excellent resistance to the wind speed of 120km/h; The lightweight structure gives the house a good integrity in the event of an earthquake that is stronger than the seismic intensity of 8 degrees.

4. The house can be transported as a whole, and it can be compressed and packaged for transportation.

5. Small production on site, can be used after being delivered to the site.

6. The house can be recycled for 20 years, and no construction waste will be generated during the process.

7. The roof adopts the design of waterproof structure to enhance the air density and water tightness of the house.

8. When the house is out of the factory, it can be used according to the actual application, and choose the decoration accessories such as the combination with the rain cover.

9. The company may be responsible for installation, guidance or training installation.

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